(1) Department of Complexity Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
(2) Department of Information Physics and Computing
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
(3) Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics
School of Engineering
Email: hiroyuki_shinoda(--at--)k.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Research interests
Tactile/haptic interfaces and two-dimensional communication.
Information physics enhancing surface functions of humans and environments.
Sensor and display systems including network issues.

Selected Research Results

Airborne ultrasound tactile display
--- Realizing "Touchable Holography"
The world first study to propose and demonstrate noncontact tactile display for bare skins in the air (2008)
 Airborne ultrasound tactile display Short lecture video 2015 (in Japanese)
Movie2 Introduction Selected paper
Converging beam from airborne ultrasound phased arrays induces radiation pressure on our skins. In the current demonstration, a 1cm-diameter force spot of 16 mN can be applied on the skin. The spot position and the amplitude are controlled with 1ms time constant.

Two-dimensional transmission (2DT) technology
---- Wireless signal and power transmission using sheet-like medium
The world first study to propose and demonstrate wireless transmission of signal and power by electromagnetic waves confined in a sheet-like medium (Oct. 2006)
 Two-dimensional communication Details of 2DT Movie
Electromagnetic waves typically in microwave frequency range are confined and guided in a thin sheet-like 2D medium. A coupler put near the surface can be coupled with the medium selectively and efficiently, which enables safe wireless power transmission in general environments and wide-band signal transmission free from interfering with the outside space. The medium can be produced from various low cost materials.

Telemetric skin 
--- Elastic robot skin enabled by wireless tactile element
The world first study to propose wireless tactile sensing element for realizing stretchable robot skin (1999)
 Telemetric skin Movie Paper
Stretchable and free-form sensor skin by eliminating individual wires to the tactile sensing elements. A sensor skin prototype based on 1 bit tactile sensing elements was demonstrated in 2007 using 2D electromagnetic waves. This device is still in the conceptual stage.

Thermally induced ultrasonic emission device
--- Wide band ultrasonic emission from nonvibrating porous silicon surface
The world first study to show wide band ultrasonic emission is thermally induced on a porous silicon surface (1999)
 Thermally induced ultrasonic emission device Paper (Nature)
Ultrasound is emitted from a nonvibratory porous silicon surface using thermal interaction. Strong impulses of 1000 Pa or more are generated with an ideally flat frequency characteristic over 1MHz bandwidth. The current problem for the practical use is its low efficiency.
*This is a collaborative work with Prof. Nobuyoshi Koshida of Tokyo Univ. of agriculture and technology.

Tactile selective stimulation
--- Tactile displaying by selective stimulation to skin receptors
The world first study to propose and demonstrate displaying various tactile feelings by selective stimulation to multiple kinds of mechanoreceptors (1998)
 Tactile selective stimulation Paper
A human skin has multiple kinds of mechanoreceptors having their specific spatiotemporal properties and located at their own depths. Various tactile feelings are evoked by selective stimulation to the receptor kinds. This method is widely used in tactile display design. This research is the origin of the techniques.